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    Gliding, Exploring and Traveling This is one of my favourite things to do in ArcheAge. Take out your glider and just fly around and look at the map. Gliding, or flying around, seems li...[see more]
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    Rifts   Another fun part in the PvM are the Rifts. They are basically what you know from Rift: There is some kind of magical whirlwind that changes the atmosphere and loads of monsters...[see more]
  • Archeage Logo
    PvM(PvE) Content   Simply put, I'm not a big fan of instanced content. But for the sake of integrity I will talk about it here. There is currently one raid in the game and a few "leveli...[see more]
  • Archeage Logo
    Economy   While I like some aspects of the economy, such as everything is involved from pvp, crafting to pvm, I dislike the AH system together with the RNG system. The auction house is...[see more]
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